Monday, 24 November 2008

Made in England?

The standards for labeling products as "Made in England" seem to be amazingly loose.

The John Lewis department store has just withdrawn from sale a GBP 350 suit that it advertised as "Made in England." The suit was made by Wensum, a UK-based suit manufacturer.

Turns out that the suit wasn't really Made in England. Apparently, only the sleeves and buttons were sewn on here - the rest of the suit was made overseas. When this came to light, John Lewis did the right thing and pulled it from sale.

Incidentally, Wensum is little-known to consumers, but it's a major producer of men's suits. It makes a lot of the made-to-measure suits sold by by UK retailers - from the very high end stores down to the lower end shops with a M-T-M offering.

From the Daily Telegraph - John Lewis drops misleading "Made in England" suit


Pigtown-Design said...

Very deceptive, but not surprised that JL did the right thing. They seem to be that way.

I know you're not celebrating, but Happy Thanksgiving... and love to M.

Sir Fopling Flutter said...

Thanks - Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

I agree about John Lewis. They've got a good reputation for being reliable and treating customers fairly. Did you know that the company is run as a workers' cooperative? Can't imagine that going down well in the US - sounds too much like socialism. However, it's an extremely well run, and very successful, company.

heavy tweed jacket said...

I was recently in the market for a Barbour coat and wanted something non-waxed. Nearly all the non-waxed that I investigated were made in Indonesia. Somehow it's not the same as Made in the UK. It's really hard to find items of quality made in the USA, too.

Elizabeth said...

We've been looking for a UK tailoring manufacturer (not just finisher!) to no avail. In the meantime, our tailoring is getting made in Portugal with UK cloths. On the upside, the strong Euro means that our UK knit, shirting, outerwear, and shoe manufacturers have seen an upswing in business.

check out: for our trip to Kent based shirting manufacturer Raynor & Sturges.