Sunday, 14 September 2008

Goodwood Revival - coming soon

The Goodwood Revival is coming up next weekend. It's a unique mix of historic motor racing and vintage fashion, recreating the golden days of motorsport at Goodwood in the 1950s and 60s. Here are a few photos I took the last time I went (all photos are my own, except the fashion ones which are borrowed from the Goodwood website).

The races include 1950s Grand Prix, early Formula 1 and GT cars. There are plenty of unusual (and valuable) cars being thrashed around the track, including Shelby Cobras, Ferrari 250 GTOs and Aston Martin DB4GT Zagatos.

The entire weekend is done in period style, with many spectators dressed in vintage clothes. The racecourse is closed to modern vehicles, and many visitors arrive in classic cars (a couple of particularly choice examples shown at the bottom).


tintin said...

You have a great blog. This time of year as I suffer thru a summer cold I'm reminded of Goodwood in 2001. I was invited by a high end classic car dealer and had to waive off at the last minute due to a summer cold. Great photos.

Toad said...

Take lots of photos please

Tim said...

You have a marvelous blog. I very much enjoy it.

Thanks for a peek of classic vintage autos and appealing young women. Obviously, your heart is in the right place!

Sir Fopling Flutter said...

Thank you everyone for the comments and praise. It's much appreciated.

Tintin - sorry to hear you missed Goodwood in 2001. You'll have to try to make it back there. It's a wonderful event.

Pictures of the 2008 event coming very soon.

MoragR said...

Excellent blog - can't wait to hear what Goodwood was like!