Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Fashion secrets from the new Japanese PM

A curious story from Reuters today about Taro Aso, the newly-elected head of Japan's Liberal Democratic Party (and presumptive new prime minister).

Aso, who hails from a wealthy family of industrialists, has a reputation for being well-dressed. His tailor has just revealed the secret of the immaculate creases in Aso's trousers: tiny lead weights sewn into the hems to help the cloth hang smoothly.

According to Aso's tailor, Seiichiro Moriwaki, "It's something that's often done with ladies' clothes, to put little weights in the hem, but it's highly unusual for gentlemen's outfits."

According to Reuters, the idea for the weights came up in a discussion between the two, who call one another Taro and Seiichi, but it never caught on with other customers. It's a trick also used by French design house, Chanel, who traditionally put a narrow chain in the hem of women's jackets.

(photo above from BBC News)

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