Sunday, 7 December 2008

Thank you to Heavy Tweed Jacket and The Epic

Just returned from my travels. I'll be posting some photographs in due course.

I was catching up on email and taking a quick look at a few blogs, and I noticed that Heavy Tweed Jacket has added The Man of Mode to his list of recommended blogs. Many thanks - much appreciated.

Edited to add:

Also many thanks to M. Lane from The Epic, for his generous reference to The Man of Mode. For anyone not familiar with that site, I highly recommend it.


M.Lane said...

Hi! I have also taken the liberty of placing TMM on my blog's Epic Blogs list. I enjoy your posts very much. They are very informative and interesting.


Sir Fopling Flutter said...

Thanks M. Lane. I've edited my post accordingly.

Love your recent post on Repeal Day.

heavy tweed jacket said...

Hello! I've been an amateur enthusiast of country homes, and have been really enjoying your posts. All the best, HTJ.

Pigtown-Design said...

YAY! People are finally discovering you!

Was on the Shore yesterday... bitter cold to be cutting greens.

xo to you and m.